About NP-BA

The writing staff at North Portland Business Association welcome you to our website’s blog page. Our aim is to entertain you with fun facts and general knowledge of the greater Portland area.

We’ve expanded, but have decidedly not left North Portland escape our central focus. This is our original hood, and our more immediate community, but the family keeps on growing. After realizing how much more we could potentially give our readers, we started poking our noses all over.

We invite you to come along with us as we go well beyond North Portland. There is a plethora of never-ending, amazing, stuff happening on the Pacific coast, and well, we can’t stop ourselves from telling you about it.

You see, our staff has an on-going love affair with the entire west coast. The natural beauty and the magnetic draw for a special few of us is always in play in our blogs. We cover just about any topic that is taking up space – and even some which have lost their spaces in time, long ago.

Articles and blogs written at this site are required to add a positive viewpoint and contain an uplifting energy toward life. In other words, we don’t restrict a topic unless it smells bad. P Uey – and you won’t find it here on NPBA’s blog site. The media is loaded with odiferous offerings. We are fresh air.

With that said, we welcome your input. If you have an idea, or would like us to research and write about a subject, let us know. We never run short of inspiration, however we want to hear from our subscribers and learn what you are most interested in. We encourage you to leave a comment below each blog. Yes, we read them!

The North Portland Business Association acts as a connector. We touch base with all the coastal communities that want to partake in some mutual fun. Serving a number of entrepreneurial communities, we arm ourselves with innovative news on what’s trending and hope our readers find them illuminating. We often repave local pathways with a fresh outlook in ways that may lead to furthering our readers’ successes.

We will stay in touch. This site is about you, your community and the community of life.


Jack, Sherri, Jeannie and Eric